We made the Sports section of CityNews@5

They came out early on a teusday morning practice and did a LIVE 5 spot segment on Breakfast Television with some of the Toronto FPV Racing crew and myself. They later aired highlights on SportsNews at 5 right after an update on the Blue Jays and Raptors!

Canadian Drone Nationals w/HKLive!

Everybody knows Hobby King! Special thanks to them for coming up and competing, sponsoring and putting together this great video about the event!

The Rise Of Drone Racing

Just before the Canadian Nationals The Toronto Star came out to talk to myself and some of the pilots attending. Click the here for the full story!

Maker Faire Detroit

What an awesome time! These Detroit boyz really know how to pull a race together! We were happy to be invited and share some prizes! (oh and race too)


We were proud to be able to run down and help the guys out at Detroit Drone for Speednight April 2015! Tony Leja Productions did a great video up!

Do it like they do on the Discovery Channel!

Team Blacksheep’s Raphael Pirker AKA “Trappy” himself flew in from Hong Kong to fly with us and teach Lucas from Daily Planet what Racing FPV is and how to do it! Watch the video!

VICE braved the cold!

When we did the Clinton Air Race Arena Showdown VICE/MOTHERBOARD came up to try it out! We have to hand it to them! Roads were closed and we we’re practically snowed in but they made it and this is what they shot!