It was a long drive but boy was it worth it! DDUG (Detroit Drone User Group) has been organizing these indoor races for months and have over 400 members on their group. What a great bunch of people! There were a couple of tiny glitches but that didn’t stop the races! When these guys say speed night they really mean it! There were very few obstacles on the track so they could really hammer on the throttle. Harry Arnold and his team put together a great show. The size of the dome was big enough to do a FIFA World Cup in but regardless of how tall it was some folks still seemed to get caught in the netting that protects the lights. 


We also had a chance to meet the “Detroit Multirotor Company” who have built their own version of a mini quad racer – “The Pitbull” and I have to say it’s a pretty sweet machine! They have a few different packages available in ARF or RTF bundles.

The Pitbull

The 248 Pitbull is a 248mm MTM quadcopter built for aggressive flying, speed and durability. Every aspect of the Pitbull has been honed through many hours of racing and crashing.



At the end of the day it was a great race session. Detroit has some pretty quick pilots and machines! First Place winner took home a set of Fat Shark Dominators, Second took home one of new Acro-X frames and there were other sponsors with various prizes like batteries, antennas and the like. There was a production company there filming the entire thing and I’m really excited to see what they make out of all the footage they got! It will be a lot better than what we shot I’m sure. Streaming live with Periscope worked quite well but we quickly learned that the further away from the wifi hotspot we got the video quality started to degrade quite a bit. They are being uploaded to youtube as we speak so you’ll get an idea of the action. There was one lucky guy there, meaning he was lucky we were indoors! Soon after he took off his quad malfunctioned, went into failsafe and took off straight up! He ended up hugging the ceiling for a good few minutes before he could get it back down! No one got hurt, many props were broken and a great time was had by all. I know we’ll be back for more!!!

I’ll update this post with the video links as they finish.